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Weight: 5 g

Aromatherapy is the science and the wellness method using essential oils.

Antistress Natural Oils Blendhelps to get rid of the emotional and physical stress, and negative thoughts. Helps to boost self-confidence.

Contains lemon, peppermint and black pepper essential oils.

Scent: minty green with citrusy notes and spicy nuances.

General properties:

  • Helps to boost self-confidence.

Cosmetic properties:

  • The blend improves the condition of the body skin with reduced tone and signs of cellulite.
  • Fit for scalp care with increased activity of sebaceous glands.

Read the instructions carefully before use.

Please note that the colour of the caps can be either black or white.

Made for JSC Faberlic, located at 4, Nikolopolskaya str., Moscow, Russia.
Made in:: Russia
Importer: prem. 25, 3 Gikalo str., Minsk, Faberlic-RB FLLC

Citrus Limon Fruit Oil, Mentha Piperita Oil, Piper Nigrum Fruit Oil, Limonene*, Citral*, Linalool*, Cinnamal*, Benzyl alcohol*, Benzyl benzoate*, Geraniol*, Cinnamyl alcohol*, Citronellol*, Coumarin*, Eugenol*, Farnesol*, Isoeugenol*.
*ingredients of essential oils.

A scented bath: stir 4-6 drops of the essential oil mixture into 1 tablespoon of any thick oil (sunflower, almond, olive, etc) or with 1 teaspoon of a shower gel/bath foam with a neutral scent. Add the resulting mixture into water (36-37°C). Take the bath for 10-20 minutes. Use 2-3 drops of the mixture for elderly people.

The scented massage: stir the essential oil mixture into a thick oil or a massage cream in the proportion: 3-4 drops of the mixture for 1 tablespoon of the base. Use the freshly prepared mixture for a massage. The duration of the scented massage is 10-20 minutes.

Enrichment of care products: use neutral daily care products: a face/body cream, a shower gel, a shampoo. Add 1-2 drops of the oil mixture immediately before use to a dose of your daily care. Don't add the oil mixture directly to a jar or a bottle containing a cosmetic product. Don't use the oil mixture before going to the sun.

Aroma diffuser: add few drops of the essential oil mixture to a aroma lamp or aroma diffuser (2-3 for 10 m2). The duration of the aromatherapeutic session is 30 minutes.

Precautions: carefully read the manual. Make an individual idiosyncrasy test before the first application. For external use only. Don't apply pure, undissolved oils to the skin! Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.

Warning: do not use during pregnancy, while breastfeeding or with idiosyncrasy. In case of serious chronic conditions, consult your physician.

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