Weight: 18 gr

Weekend Collection Miniatures offer the perfect introduction to our best-selling fragrances. Handy travel-size bottles in an elegant box make an ideal gift.


The delicate fragrance draws inspiration from the invigorating breath of blossomy garden to evoke your cherished, rose-tinged dreams.

Fragrance: floral and fruity.

Top notes: bergamot, lychee, orange blossom.
Body notes: peony, red rose, red apple, lily-of-the-valley.
Base notes: vetiver, sandal wood, white musk.

Beauty Cafe

Soft floral and powdery fragrance invites you to experience the atmosphere of a luxurious café, enjoy a leisurely chat and tasty treats. Elegant and aristocratic, it puts you in the center of everybody’s attention.

Fragrance: floral and powdery.

Top notes: tangerine, rose buds, lychee, lime blossom, orange, apple.
Body notes: rose, jasmine, orrisroot, ylang-ylang, freesia, carnation, peony.
Base notes: Tonka beans, white musk, iris, ambergris, oakmoss.


A perfect choice for a sensual, tender and determined lady who trusts her intuition, looks to the future, chases her dreams and does not hesitate to stand out of the crowd.

Fragrance: floral and fruity.

Top notes: pink grapefruit, green leaves.
Body notes: lilac orchid, purple magnolia, crocus, lisianthus, blackberry.
Base notes: ambergris, vanilla, white wood.

Made for Faberlic JSC, 4 Nikopolskaya str., Moscow, Russia
Country of Origin: Russian Federation
Importer: prem. 25, 3 Gikalo str., Minsk, Faberlic-RB FLLC

How to use fragrance properly?

The aromatic notes sound their best on  the body’s pulse points:

  • wrist joint (where the pulse is measured);
  • elbow joint (internal side);
  • behind the ears;
  • neckline.

Hair holds the fragrance well; it can be sprayed on the neck or back of your head.

To enhance the aroma trail, apply it behind your knees   and on the lower inside hem of your dress.

Finally, we recommend that you spray the fragrance  upwards and enter into the cloud.

How to choose a fragrance?

Rule 1.  Do not smell many fragrances at once. Try  3-4 fragrances, this way you will avoid mixing them and can remember the scent.

Rule 2.  Do not spray the fragrance into the bottle cap. Do not smell the fragrance directly from the bottle or test sample. Put it  on a blotter or clean tissue.  Having chosen the fragrance this way, spray it  on your skin in order to understand how it “lives”  on you. The same fragrance can speak differently on you and your friend.

Rule 3.  Do not buy the fragrance based on first impressions. Walk a bit with the fragrance on, wait for the body notes ( 15-30 min.) which accompany you during the day after the volatile upper notes pass away, and make your choice after that.

Rule 4. Take notice of the weather, climate and situation . Remember that humid warm air spreads fragrance better than cold and dry air. Discreet fragrances are universal, while bright and strong ones are not always good for an office or beach. But the latter will not go unnoticed on a romantic date.

Rule 5.  Turn the selection procedure into pleasure. A good mood is the best advisor in the difficult task of choosing a fragrance.

  User Recommendation
Maksimova Svetlana
Те самые ароматы, о каких мечтала, но не могла купить в большом флаконе. Супер, мини-версии самое то, и очень выгодно!
Zhenishbek Kyzy Zhumakan
Супер запах.
Bogachkova Irina Vladimirovna
Взяла на пробу, в этой коробочке все ароматы отличные.
Matveeva Lyubov' Veniaminovna
Классный набор. Мне понравились очень.
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