Weight: 200 gr

Nature has everything in it to preserve and restore health and youth. We have just spied on its secrets to create our Golden Formula of Youth: we took pine nut protein, added royal jelly, reinforced it with lecitin and boosted with grape glucose. So here it is, a super tasty rejuvenating product.

The Formula of Youth Drink Concentrate is created to support your immune system and become an additional source of vegetable protein.

  • Supports body defences.
  • Formulated with pine nut flour, lecitin and royal jelly.

Best before: 12 months from the production date on the package.

Certificate of quality

Made for Faberlic JSC, 4 Nikopolskaya str., Moscow, Russia
Country of Origin: Russian Federation
Importer: prem. 25, 3 Gikalo str., Minsk, Faberlic-RB FLLC

Contains: pine nut meal flour, corn lecitin, grape glucose, royal jelly.

Nutrition value per 100 g:

  • proteins – 25 g
  • carbohydrates – 40 g
  • fats – 35 g

Energy value per 100 g: 580 kcal / 2410 kJ.

  • Add two teaspoons of the powder and pir water. Dissolve it in 100 g of warm water, stir well and drink.
  • Take it in the mornings, before meals.
  • Not recommended if allergic to honey products or under 3 years.

Store in a dry place at 25 ◦С.

  User Recommendation
Lykova Tamara Alekseevna
Жаль, что вернулся ненадолго. Опять нет в наличии... Хотелось, чтобы продукт был в наличии чаще.
Artyushevskaya Alyona
Наконец-то он вернулся, мой любимый продукт! Очень вкусно + большая польза для организма! Стимулирует иммунитет, даёт чувство бодрости, по утрам нет ощущения разбитости. В общем, мой фаворит!
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