Weight: 6 gr

Eye-catching accessories from the Butterfly Collection will be a perfect addition to your ethnic Oriental or romantic look this spring. Textured pattern on the metal surface imitates the butterfly wings, making the accessories realistic and elegant. Earrings, bracelet and necklace are perfect for girls and women of any age. They are guaranteed to leave you with a playful and light feeling!

Butterfly Necklace:

  • Length – 42 + 5 cm (additional adjustable section).
  • Pendant: 4,7 x 4,5 cm.

Made for Faberlic JSC, 4 Nikopolskaya str., Moscow, Russia
Country of Origin: China
Importer: prem. 25, 3 Gikalo str., Minsk, Faberlic-RB FLLC

Base metal alloy.

1. Try to keep this item away from other jewellery, because the delicate materials may become scraped or deformed.

2. Keep the item away from direct sunlight, in a cloth bag or box. Long contact with sunlight may cause the colour of jewellery to change slightly.

3. Do not drop the item onto hard surfaces, in order to avoid deformation or breakage.

4. Keep the jewellery away from cosmetic products: hairsprays, perfume, lotions, shampoos or dishwashing liquids which may contain damaging components.

5. Do not wear the jewellery items during sport activities or in the sauna and swimming pool. Avoid contact with water and sweat to prevent the destruction of the upper coating.

6. It is recommended to clean these jewellery items from time to time with a dry soft cloth: flannel, suede or microfibre. Rub the item carefully to avoid surface damage.

7. Do not wear the jewellery when sleeping.

  User Recommendation
Lazebnik Ol'Ga Nikolaevna
Выглядит шикарно, огромное спасибо! Чуток, правда, коротковато, даже с полностью отпущенной застёжкой.
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